This is a Friendly wiki so none of the below should be portrayed:

  1. Put downs
  2. Swearing/Racial Slurs/Homophobic Slurs
  3. Hacking
  4. Vandalism
  5. ETC

Power User Rules Edit

Admins Edit

  1. No banning or blocking without a reason
  2. No promoting users without a reason
  3. Don't abuse your rights
  4. Do your job

Moderators Edit

  1. No banning or blocking with out a reason
  2. Admins are the final authorities on major decisions so before making a big decision please consult an admin we are here to help
  3. Don't abuse your rights
  4. Do your job

Promotion And Demotion Edit

Promotion Edit

Is when a user is promoted from a regular user status to the status of an admin or Moderator status. Promotion happens when a user has a certain amount of edits and or is a very good community member and there is an empty position in the wiki's leadership, or if several power users are inactive.

Way's to get promoted Edit

  1. Help out
  2. Get to know the admins
  3. Enjoy yourself
  4. Get lots of support from the community

Way to not get promoted Edit

  1. Don't help
  2. Argue with the admins(debates are fine unless they escalate too much)
  3. Beg to get promoted. We're not going to change our minds half an hour later, ya know.

Demotion Edit

Demotion happens when an Admin or Moderator breaks some of the wiki rules or their specific rules or demote themselves. Inactive power users will not get demoted, as they might come back after a period of hiatus.

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